A yummy disaster..

I wanted a challenge, so I googled “the hardest pastry recipe to make.” I know, stupid. If you find a recipe that you can’t even pronounce, probably should stay away from it. Lesson learned…well I learned to not try such a new recipe at my parents house. I thought I would listen to the recipe to the T and not my gut instinct….and smoke filled my parents house where I was baking. The dog was doing her best to protect me from the smoke detector that was going off. Anyways let’s take a look at the delicious nightmare that I created.

 This is called a

BISCUIT JOCONDE IMPRIME/ENTREMET…. yeah. Exactly. I should have stopped there. But it was fun. And I am going to do this again because you can make really pretty things, and now that the ugly trial is out of the way, I know what this recipe is capable of.

HERE is the recipe that I used. I think in hindsight I would have used another recipe, there are many more out there that are much more trustworthy and have better ways of explaining the how-to’s.  The hard thing for me to swallow is that this recipe is just for the outside of the torte/cake whatever you want to call it. It is for this sponge that you put a filling in. This is time consuming and produce consuming, and there isn’t even a full cake ready in the end. You need to make a filling for it. Kind of frustrating.

The design layer is a different batter than the white sponge cake layer. The chocolate looking layer is made first, then frozen so you can pour the sponge cake batter over it and then bake it. It looks like frosting when you pipe it out. The really cool part is that you can make whatever design you want, its completely up to you. I plan on having fun with this in the future, but not knowing what I was doing, I stuck with a safe polka dot and lines design.

After almost smoking out the whole house, the end result was not pretty, but after some recon work I was able to save some pieces that were not ruined. The recipe said to turn your baking sheet over and use the bottom so that the silpat would not bend at the edge of the pan, and not to worry about batter melting off in the oven….liars. Never do that. Anyways, let’s skip forward and pretend it never happened.

The sponge cake can be formed into whatever size you would like, individual tortes or large ones. I chose to do individual. Once you have the sponge you can put whatever mousse into it you would like. I love vanilla bean mousse so I went with that one. HERE is the recipe I used. It was absolutely delicious, seriously. All in all, not the worst disaster in the kitchen, great recipe to work on mastering over time to have under your belt, but not really a simple one.  It was a super fun challenge and I would do it again in a heartbeat….once I get enough eggs.

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